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It’s important that your soffit and fascia are properly installed in order to ensure there is proper air ventilation in your attic. Soffits and fascia are the underpart part of your roof and what the eavestrough attached to. If there is damage to the eavestrough, it can lead to damaging the fascia and soffits. Your home’s siding can also get damaged especially if rainwater is redirected due to a clogged or damaged eavestrough.

Our team at Muskoka Roofers have over 50 years of experience, and can provide repairs or install new fascia and soffits to your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exterior soffit spans under the rafter tails, and the fascia is a horizontal, visible board running the length of the rafters. The fascia board is the board that is behind the gutters on the side of your house.

Generally, soffits are more important than fascia for a house or roof. It is not only very difficult to finish the appearance of the home without a soffit, but it will also expose the rafters and eaves to the elements and put them at risk for problems such as wood rot, interior leaks, mould growth, and damage to the roof deck.

When your roof installation is finished, your soffit and fascia will be installed. Generally, it is better if soffits and fascia are installed before the shingles are set in place. There are multiple types of possible finishes, as well as variations, for a soffit.

Installing fascia costs $6 to $20 per linear foot while installing soffit costs $1 to $3 per linear foot.

Yes, you can always paint your siding or trim, but is it feasible? And what will it do to the price? It’s really up to you, and if you consider all your options, you should be able to choose for yourself.

Our team at Muskoka Roofers has over 50 years of experience and can provide repairs or install new fascia and soffits to your home or office.

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Muskoka Roofers Installed our new roof on our 10,000 sq ft home. They were very reliable and completed the roof on schedule with no added surprises.

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We were very impressed with how professional the Muskoka Roofers team were. They worked during the week (9-5) and made minimal disturbance to our property.

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Amazing customer service and top quality materials. I would recommend Muskoka Roofers to any business or home owner that is looking to repair or install a new roof.

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